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2nd Edition of Special Track on

Robot-Assisted Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation more than ever is innovating with new insights and technologies. Robotic-assisted rehabilitation combines traditional physical therapies (including physiotherapy and occupational therapy) with the use of robotics to help humans relearn, restore, or improve functional movements. Robot-assisted therapies offer a unique opportunity to personalize treatment by adapting in real time to the individual’s needs and capabilities for people who have suffered from various conditions resulting from accidents, illness, or surgery.

Attendees come from diverse backgrounds, including rehab professionals, physicians, occupational therapists, robotic assistance devices engineers, manufacturers, technology developers, system integrators, project team, policy makers, etc.

Suggested topics:

  • Clinical use of exoskeletons and end-effector devices.
  • Integrating robotics with diverse technologies, such as EMG/biofeedback, FES (functional electrical stimulation), sensor-based systems, virtual reality, etc.
  • Combining robotic intervention with other therapies.
  • Robot-assisted therapy in stroke and brain injury patients.
  • Telerehabilitation.
  • Continuous monitoring and data analytics.

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Special topic track is part of the Forum and included within the main conference program. Thus, the same rules for submissions apply as for the main conference.

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