Berlin, Germany

Accelerating Breakthoughts in Human Care.

After resounding success of three editions in Autumn, we decided to shift the dates in Spring to better serves our community. Save the new dates for EXO Berlin 2024 - 4th International Forum on Human Assistive and Sensing Technology (Formerly International Forum on Exoskeleton & Human Augmentation Systems).

Our ambitions as the organizer remain unchanged! This cross-discipline forum is dedicated to share practical solutions for design, building and human-machine interaction in the fields of robots and human power augmentation, advance novel human-centered sensing technologies and applications. The agenda will provide attendees a chance to collaborate and network with key industry figures, hear first-hand solutions to deploy robotics and wearable sensors in the rehabilitation process, industrial and assistive context.

Vertical and Sector Focus

4th EXO Berlin - International Forum on Human Assistive & Sensing Technology.


Assistive Robotics

  • Wearable robotic exoskeletons, exosuits.
  • Rehabilitation robotics.
  • Collaborative robots.
  • Robotic prosthetics.
  • Intelligent assist devices.
  • Novel materials, and functional components.
  • Advanced control strategies, human-machine interface.
  • Human performance monitoring, ergonomic assessment.
  • Testing tools, reliability and assessment.
  • Applications of robotics in the industrial, rehabilitative and assistive context.

New in 2024:
Human-Centered Sensing

  • Sensor fusion in assistive and rehabilitation robotics.
  • Physiological monitoring sensors in healthcare and rehabilitation.
  • Sensors and systems for movement analysis.
  • Sensor-based intention recognition and somatosensory feedback.
  • Novel sensors used in teleoperation and remote interaction.
  • Wearable sensors for wireless body area network (WBAN).
  • Wireless communication associated with wearable sensors.
  • Multi-sensor data capturing and analysis methods.
  • New methods for device fabrication and integration.
  • Deploying body-worn sensors for industrial use, such as buildings, logistics, energy.