We bring together academic scientists, manufacturers & suppliers and end users to drive creative interactions among the technical and engineering challenges in the fields of robots and human power augmentation. Demonstrate expertise, gain hands-on equipment experience, and establish new contacts, this cross-discipline forum is dedicated to share practical solutions for design, building and control techniques, system integration and application settings, highlight future directions in developing intelligent assistive robotic devices with the goal of enhancing human capabilities and restoring function.

Topic: Assistive Robotics

  • Exoskeletons, exosuits.
  • Robotic assistance devices.
  • Supernumerary robotic limbs.
  • Soft robotics.
  • Wearable sensors.
  • Biofeedback devices.
  • Transmissions and control techniques, functional components and parts.
  • Human performance monitoring, motion analysis.
  • Application of AI and machine learning in assistive technology.

Topic: Collaborative Robots

  • Industrial collaborative robots.
  • Healthcare collaborative robots.
  • Emerging capabilities, new application scenarios.
  • Safety standards.
  • Collaborative robot integration.
  • Collaborative human-robot manipulation.
  • Novel design of robot controller and user interface.
  • Evaluation and deployment strategy for intelligent work environment.